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The Make-up Mannequin Tool Kit Miasasha Program B - Set of 9 items
Our Price: $128.00
Our Price: $519.44
The Make-up Mannequin Tool Kit includes everything you need to practice make-up application and eye-brow shaping techniques under different culture climates. These soft skin-tone masks can be beneficial and economical for the makeup artist and esthetician. Not only can the make-up on the mask be removed easily, the same mask can be reused, but also provides a realistic human look as well. This unique feature enables you to save your desired creation, or simply erase everything you have done on the mask and create a new look with the same mask.  These kits are used to sit for most State Boards for Makeup Artist Licenses.

1-Flat-back Mannequin Head
1-Short Metal Holder for sitting position
1-Make-up Erasable Creme
4-Eyebrow Templates
4-Masks (Light, Oyster, Satin Brown, Chocolate
1-Instruction Book
1-Carrying case

Make sure you have selected the following options:
1. Eyes open or closed
2. Flatback Head color - Light or Tan

1. Facial Wash: massage into wet face and neck for 3 minutes to ensure the skin get the best preparation for the next step

2. Fresh 'N Tone: squeeze a generous amount into cotton ball/cotton pad then rub firmly in an outward motion

3. For Night program: do at least half hour before bed time to ensure the penetration of the products into the skin before going to bed
Razor Bump Ointment - For Women - 4 oz bottles Mannequin Ashley 1
Our Price: $17.95
Our Price: $54.80
The Secret to Clear and Smooth Skin for Men & Women.

Helps Eliminate and Prevent:

Ingrown Hairs
Razor Bumps
Bikini Line Bumps

Formulated With Tea Tree Oil & Willow Bark Extract.
Item PBC615-18 - Mannequin Ashley-100% Brown Human Hair-18" long Ashley has been highly recommended for younger beauty enthusiast.

Item PBC615-18 - Mannequin Ashley - She was specifically designed with smaller and younger facial features. A favorite among the younger set! Each strand of hair was carefully hand implanted, matching the realism of human hair growth patterns, density, angle and direction. Once you practice on Ashley, you will have the full confidence needed to work on any client's hair. Long brown 100% human hair, excellent for cutting, styling, setting, perming, coloring, french braiding and competitions. Light skin tone, these mannequins are the best quality tools for practicing make-up and hairstyling in the market today.  
Berlanti Complete Set of 11 Products Extra-strength Roll-on - 3oz
Our Price: $630.40
Our Price: $17.75
Berlanti Complete Set of 11 Products
BCA4000 - Berlanti Complete Set of 11 Products

Berlanti set of 11 skincare products which includes AHA Moisturizing Cleanser, AHA Rehydrating Toner, Skin Tone Cream, AHA Lotion, Sun Protector SPF-20, Eye Cream, AHA Exfo-Cream, AHA Night Moisturizer, Smoothing Exfoliator, Enzyme Night Repair Essence, and the Enzyme Peel-Off Masque . For additional information on the Berlanti of California benefits, goto:  

Package weight - 6 lbs

Note!! Active serum must be ordered as a separate item.
Skintight - Extra-strength 3 oz Rool-on bottle

The Secret to Clear and Smooth Skin for Men & Women.

Helps Eliminate and Prevent:

Ingrown Hairs
Razor Bumps
Bikini Line Bumps
For maximum results, it is recommended that one of the Skin Tight
Products' Moisturizing Cremes be applied after using the Ointments.

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Studio Makeup Case with Lights and Mirror - unfilled

Our Price: $1,599.95
* Chair sold separately

Makeup Case with Lights and Mirror - unfilled
This sleek portable makeup case is a must have for the Professional Makeup Artist. This freestanding case comes complete with it own lights, mirror and electrical outlet! Complete self-contained “Studio”. The base of the makeup case has ample room for makeup supplies.

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Shea Butter - 3.5 oz Tube
Our Price: $8.95
Mask-Set of 4
Our Price: $72.00
Active Serum - 6 pack
Our Price: $77.95
Active Serum - 12 pack
Our Price: $120.00
Berlanti Skin Tone Cream
Our Price: $67.45

New Products

Celebrity 18" Afro Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Black - Naomi
Our Price: $79.95
Celebrity 18" 4-Color Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair for Color Training - Tammie
Our Price: $59.95
Celebrity by Burmax 22" Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Brown - Sam II
Our Price: $89.95
Celebrity 21" Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair, Brown - Debra
Our Price: $59.95
Marianna 24" Cosmetology Mannequin Head 100% Human Hair - Miss Barbara Brown
Our Price: $139.95